Writer’s retreat in Dunsborough

… and what’s a writer’s retreat without a quick visit to a winery along the way?

Love on Leschenault is a spin off group from a series of  romance writitng workshop run by Julie Goyder wayback  in about 2004.                                                                                      Last weekend a few from  Love on Leschenault Romance writers  of Bunbury attended a writing retreat in Dunsborough. The group stayed at White Sands, a delightful escape where writers could shut out the world and enter their  writing world without interruptions …. like “Muumm, where’s my jumper, or Darl where’s the butter or Nan can you mind the kids … etc …”



  1. Great Blog Ingrid.Yes, I wondered about the wine too, must have been a creative workshop.I look forward to a Writers Retreat one that allows long sleep ins!
    The new Ru-Ro genre looks exciting for those into Romance Writing. Namaste! Glenys

    • Thanks for commenting Glenys … yes I saw the Ru-Ro genre in the paper … mind you I know alot of romance writers who have been published and write in that genre, so I don’t think it’s all that new actually.

  2. writing without disruptions – what bliss. A friend of mine in USA rented a house on the coast for the summer and did her own writing retreat…..oh bliss….I can just imagine it……

  3. Sounds like fun 🙂 Away from the madding crowds and family restraints. Looking forward to hearing about the writing that resulted from entering ‘a writing world without interruptions.’

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