image Book making workshop

Jane Flower’s book making workshop on Wednesday  at Lyndendale Gallery was  excellent  …  what a great skill to have and Jane very generously shared her knowledge on the subject with everyone.

I would say there is not too much Jane doesn’t know about the subject of making books. In a three hour workshop we made about half a dozen assorted note books using recycled materials.     Yeeha! I’m hooked … See samples below …

books glorious books

Book wshop x

Jane facilitating Eco book making workshop

displaying a couple of note books in workshop
note books I made in just one 3 hour workshop
note books

What a great idea for gifts also and special because you have made it yourself!



  1. It was a wonderful workshop in such a tranquil venue.
    Yes, Jill would probably love it too – def next one.
    Jill, Jane runs Folios and Fibre on the Bussel HIghway, Gelorup.
    Great wrap up of the workshop Ingrid! Well done! You captured it well.
    Your note books seem to look a lot more professional than mine though! I definitely need more practice!

    • Hi Jill yes it was yesterday … sorry I didn’t think to let Quills members know about i. (Jo & I heard about it through Lyndendale) I’m sure there will be more, I think they seem to run on a fairly regular basis. Will keep you posted Jill.

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