Valerie Parv and writing

Katharine Suzannah Pritchard Writers Centre

Last week while in Perth I visited the KSP (Katharine Suzannah Pritchard ) writers center out in the sticks of Greenmount, a delightful retreat for writers with lovely views, pleasant gardens and tree surrounds.  While there, I attended a writing workshop by author Valerie Parv, who happened to be the Eestablished Writer in Residence. Author of over seventy books with international sales of 25 million copies, Valerie Parv had plenty of useful writing and publishing tips.

As writers we are all familiar with Blank page syndrome. You can’t edit a bank page but you can edit a bad one – so get something down, anything. Fear of failure, Valerie says, can drive you to do anything rather than sit at that keyboard and be productive. One solutuion, she offers, is to talk to that internal mental critic – turn it into a ceature or a person and give it a name such as Killjoy. Ask Killjoy what it needs to leave you in peace. Sometimes you may need rituals to settle into the writing process . Have supplies at hand, play music or use a relaxation technique, whatever it takes …

Anyway, enough about that for now … I am going to take Valerie’s advice and write my novel …

til next time

Happy writing

Ingrid and Shelley catch up with author Valerie Parv
KSP writers centre in the tree tops


  1. Yes Ingrid – getting cracking on finishing and editing that novel! I know you can do it! Writing (or photography) workshops can really inspire and invigorate.
    Know of any writers retreats, escapes? Provence or Tuscanny or south of Bunbury anywhere will do!

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