London town

October 2012
Day 1 Beautiful London

it’s raining today, well to be fair only all morning. In Australia, when it rains, it rains and that’s pretty much it til the next rain. But in London it keeps on drizzling.

Flew Emirates via Dubai a comfortable flight and uneventful … the best kind. Arrived at Heathrow at about 7.30pm London time … went through customs quite quickly. Sometimes I swear it’s quicker to get through Heathrow than it is to get through Perth airport. Met by the meet and greet driver Victor who drove me to Rachel’s B&B in London. It was a long drive through London traffic and we had a great old chat along the way. We talked about cars – you see lots of really nice cars in London common place that you don’t see so often in Australia. Victor’s was a top of the range deluxe Ford. Saw many Audis, porcshes, BMWs etc.
I felt like a VIP being met and driven in a private vehicle, so much better than having to negotiate trains after an eighteen hour flight.

It took about 1 and a 1/2 hrs to get to the B & B in Brockley. Had a shower and fell into bed. Bliss.
Brockley is only about 20 minutes out of the centre of London by tube underground railway.

Day 2 In Hyde park saw lots of squirrels running around in and out up and down through the trees. An old man, sitting on a park bench drew quite a crowd as he was hand feeding the squirrels.

 feeding sqirrelsLondon SquirrelLondon Squirrel

Watch this space for more installments from a beginning, novice blogger !!


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