Perth Writers Festival 2013

 Perth Writers Festival 2013


PWF view x

Once again PWF didn’t disappoint – a very informative, entertaining and productive three days with workshops and robust author discussions .

On Saturday I attended a workshop run by Aillsa Piper, titled I, I, I Me, Me, Me … writing in the first person. The blurb said come prepared to write and SHE WASN’T KIDDING. Write we did.

It was a most exhilarating writing workshop. Participants had to put keyboards aside and get down to basics – pen and paper. What’s a pen and paper I hear you say. Writing on paper with a pen engages the brain and the ideas flow onto the page.

Author discussion on time and place was very interesting and informative with Toni Jordan, Lynne Leonhardt and Zane Lovitt.

Zane Lovitt’s  The Midnight Promise a crime novel comprised of short stories all with a central character (John Dore) and theme. It can be read sequentially or randomly although there is a running order from start to finish.

Some bright spark asked me if The Midnight promise was a prequel to Morning Glory!

Zane Lovitt, James Bradley and Susan Midalia talked about writing in the shorter form. Susan Midalia’s An Unknown Sky is her latest collection of short stories. her first collection of short stories  was titled  History of the bean bag and other stories.

I attended a workshop run by Toni Jordon – The first two Pages workshopping the first two pages of a novel or short story – While every story starts off with an inciting incident, we explored several different ways to start a story.

Writing tips. i Some various ways to start a story outlined here:

  1. Place the reader in exactly where and when
  2. Summary beginning – outlining the underlying theme of the book
  3. Throw the reader in the deep end – start with the action / in an actual scene where things are happening
  4. Mood – describe the overall mood
  5. Emotional kick in the head – start with emotion rather than a scene
  6.  Action beginning – and think of a sub plot for your story
  7. Voice – the author’s voice is more important than the plot or the characters (the reader wants to read on because of the author’s voice).PWF 2013


    • Thanx for your comment Jill -asu can see there are so many comments here struggling to get to them all!!!! NOT
      Yes put the writers fear on the calendar for next year -u will really enjoy it.

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