Dardanup Art Trail Art Spectacular 2013

Lyndendale garden
Lyndendale garden

The Dardanup Art Trail officially opened at the Dardanup Hall on Friday night where art awards were announced and the festivities are set to go over the weekend.  Lucky with the weather this year  we had our downpours of rain during the week as if on cue giving Dardanup that just washed lush green look that is oh so soft on the eyes.

Started off at Lyndendale Art Gallery had a delightful morning tea, where my friend Lorraine and I met up with old friends and enjoyed morning tea.  Displays of water colour paintings, etchings, handmade books, textiles, scarves, ceramics and jewellery, delighted an ongoing entourage of visitors throughout the day.  While this is the  part where many male’s eyes will glaze over, there is a “man seat’ outside in the picturesque gardens where men can wait “patiently” for their beloveds to finish browsing …

After much hilarity at Lyndendale we moved on to the Wood ‘n Glass Designs, followed by Jenny Doherty’s Art Gallery, where we were greeted with a delightful glass of local Raschal’s Corner Savignon Semillon Blanc – nice touch.


At Jenni Doherty’s Gallery

Our day was fraught with idiosycracies starting off with Lorraine sleeping in and running late with lots of little things (such as a flat camera battery) going wrong,  promting  Lorraine to think maybe she should go back to bed and start again! However we soldiered on and after Jenni’s Gallery, time was galloping along so moved on to St Aiden’s winery for a little wine tasting and lunch.  After the first sip of glorious white wine we realised we were missing something. I  didn’t have my phone with me and Lorraine didn’t have her glasses .

Oops must have been mesmerised by the incredible art works and scenery. Lunch on hold while we headed back to Jenni’s Gallery look for our lost possessions. Sure enough on the balcony table, there  was the mobile phone and glasses . (maybe planning to run off together) exactly where we had left them. Where else but in the Ferguson Valley would you go back to where there are crowds of people to find mislaid  things still there, exactly where you had left them? Don’t often see that.

Back to St Aidens, where we enjoyed lunch  over looking vineyards and entertained by the resident dog who was chasing a giant cork after pleadingly looking at visitors willing them to throw it for him so he could run and fetch it to bring it back so you could do it again.

St Aiden's dog x

Popped into Erindale Lavender Farm before going to Ferguson Hart Estate where we had afternoon tea- coffee and delicious orange syrup cake – to die for.

Dardanup Art Trail May 2013

You will find more about the Dardanup Art Trail / Art  Spectacular and magnificent photographs on Jo Castro’s Zigazag Blog.

Don’t forget the Lyndendale Gallery is not only a picturesque place to visit inside and out but is also a hive of activity most of the year with a variety of creative workshops. Check it out!



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