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Time Travel and Writing

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If you could go back in time what time and place would you visit and why? 

They say if you could travel faster than the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) it would be possible to travel back in time. No-one has ever been able to do this – yet.

Reading what others have written is perhaps the closest thing to time travel. It’s amazing to think that something you wrote could be read hundreds of years from now and be as clear then as it was the day you wrote it.  This will give people in the future a clear idea of what life was like “way back then”.

Social media could well be the hand print of the 21st Century, assuming of course computer technology is still alive and well in future millenniums. If there happened to be another renaissance and technology as we know it disappeared, then hard copies and hand written copies, would be salvaged as valuable historical documents. (It could happen!)

Whether it’s a hand written note or a digital essay, those of us who write have a responsibility to record the social discourse of society at this time, leaving a social footprint as it were.

If you could go back in time what time and place would you visit and why? 

For great travel blogs see Jo Castro at andAmanda Kend le at



  1. Thanks Ingrid for a provocative blog post. The speed at which we work now surely means that we must take the necessary time to back-up and preserve our files and photos. Technical problems do arise so easily. It’s quite simple for everything to get whipped out. Proceed with rigor is one of my mottoes, I think.

  2. Interesting idea, ingrid. Recently i was listening to professional photographers talking. They said that we are at risk of losing a visual record of social daily events because of digital photography. As soon as digital technology changes, some photos/videos etc become inaccessible. So what is on our phones now may not be able to be accessed when technology ‘improves’.

  3. I agree about leaving a footprint via blogs and social media. I often wonder if there isn’t some greater source trying to collect minutae information from us! We are certainly not too shy in offering it up, unlike the old days when people were more reserved and circumspect. If I could go back in time, I’d like to go back to Victorian times – but I’d want to live ‘upstairs’ please, and not ‘downstairs’! Thank you! This was an interesting post Ingrid, and I thoroughly enjoyed the questions you posed. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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