Preserving Memories with Scrapbooking

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Someone recently pointed out to me that when future generations pass on, families left behind are not going to find a box of memorabilia, letters and photos under the bed because everything will be on a computer and in cyber space and who knows where that will end up? A picture is worth a thousand words, but hey, some clues would be useful here.

Since that conversation I have discovered the art of scrapbooking … yes real hands on scrapbooking. I know there is digital scrapbooking or ‘digi scrapping’ as it is known, and while that’s great, again it’s going to be in cyber space and not on your table where you can just sit and have a browse. For someone like me who has always loved photography and journaling, to discover the world of scrap booking was inspirational – marrying some of my favourite things  – art, photography and journaling.

With literally thousands of photographs stored in boxes (before digital) and literally thousands more stored in the computer, I thought “what a waste” for all these historical photos to be just sitting around, never to see the light of day.


This interest led me to Scrapbooking Extrordinaire Heidi Pringle (pictured). Heidi said her scrapbooking journey began about eight years ago as time out from home schooling her three children. Being a keen photographer and journal writer, she said it was an ideal mix. “When I discovered the world of scrapbooking, my huge collection of photos, some journalling and all the stunning papers and embellishments available were the perfect combination”, she said.

While Heidi said she never considered herself artistic she has discovered her creative side through this hugely satisfying craft. She says that not only are you leaving behind something of yourself for your family to enjoy, but you are also preserving family history that will be treasured.

“Creating a page or ‘lay out’ from scratch and seeing the end result from what started out as just a simple photo or two, is just the most rewarding experience,” She added.

A scrapbook can contain pictures, tickets, programs, invitations, business cards – basically anything that will lay flat when the book is closed. Themes can be specific, such as a travel experience,  or general, such as a family scrapbook that covers a variety of experiences.

An example of Heidi's work
An example of Heidi’s work
A sample page
A sample page

Heidi says her children and close family are her biggest source of inspiration and without them she doubts that she would have embarked on the amazing journey of scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking Classes are available and range from Beginner to Advanced and include interesting techniques such as distressing and mixed media, while creating a unique layout, bringing your cherished memories to life.

All tools, adhesives and papers are provided. All you will need is at least six photos for your lay out. Dates and times are flexible and a warning: this craft is highly addictive.

To attend a scrapbooking class or for more information contact Heidi on: phone 97 91 8634



  1. What an inspiring post. I’m trying to get one of the Art Partners geared up to make a scrapbook about our 2013 Rob McNamara Exhibition workshops and travels. Your blog is perfect inspiration. In fact, I’m off to the photo shop tomorrow to get some pictures developed which will be a good starting point, I’m sure.

  2. Scrapbooking is an awesome way of keeping a pictorial memoir, and i love the fact that you can now make online ones too. So much more interesting than our old staid photo albums of the past. Thanks for the link to Heidi too.

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