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William Yeoman with Michael Robotham
William Yeoman with Michael Robotham

Renowned author and best seller, Michael Robotham was in Perth last week launching his latest chilling psychological thriller Watching You.

On Wednesday night at the Fremantle Town Hall, in conversation with book editor and reviewer, William Yeoman, Robotham gave guests an insight into his latest work and talked about his writing, ideas and experiences along the way.

The event, hosted by Dymocks Garden City, also promotes Australia’s biggest annual celebration of books Get Reading 2013. “Get Reading” is the ultimate guide to the best Australian reads while encouraging all Australians to pick up a book, put up their feet and read.  Books selected by Australian booksellers, authors, publishers and readers, are given a sticker that reads Top 50 Books You Can’t put down – a category  Robothom’s books definitely fit.

The Sydney based author, has written several gripping psychological thrillers, gaining local and international acclaim. Some of these titles include Say You’re Sorry, Bleed for Me, Lost, The Suspect, The Night Ferry, Shatter and The Wreckage.

Admired among industry elites including, Val McDermid, Peter James and Stephen King, Michael has won two Ned Kelly Awards and has been shortlisted for the UK Steel Dagger award.

I first discovered Robotham’s work a couple of years ago while on holiday in Broome. Browsing in Woodsy’s second hand book shop, When I got talking to Woodsy, a discerning reader himself. I told him I was looking for something to read while on holiday, nothing too heavy, and Woodsy recommended a book called Bombproof, one of Robotham’s earlier works.

From then I was hooked and have been reading his books ever since, including his latest Watching you which I am currently enjoying.  When reading his books I am sometimes slightly sleep deprived as  I take the book to bed to read a chapter and three chapters later when I can no longer keep my eyes open I turn off the light.


ingrid with William Yeoman and Liz Byrski
ingrid with William Yeoman and Liz Byrski

MR book signing




  1. Thanks for this enlightening post Ingrid. Readings by authors are always a great way to get up close and personal with writers. Love that photo of you with the author. Keep turning those pages.

  2. A great article Ingrid, thanks. Getting lost in a good book is a real luxury for me. And I don’t indulge as often as I should…. I must set aside more time for reading. Oh, and I do the same as you – forget to sleep if I’m in reader land…….

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