Other Voices

No I’m not hearing voices but rather reading Other Voices – a collection of short stories launched last Saturday.  Susan Midalia (author of A History of the Beanbag and other stories and An Unknown Sky) launched the book at Edith Cowan House at the ECU Joondalup campus.

Other Voices cover

An advanced writer’s course at Peter Cowan Writer’s Centre in Joondalup, inspired a group of writers to produce the  anthology of works.  

Most of  the narratives, written in the form of memoir are fictionalised to some degree and drawn from personal experience, while two are in the style of magic realism.  

Each of the ten writers had the challenge of an upper word limit of 2000 words and covered a variety of topics such as  adoption, dementia  and moral choices, to name a few.

Wilma & Rebecca - two of the authors
Wilma & Rebecca – two of the authors

Other Voices represents a group of writers who share their writing journey, giving us an emotionally engaging read, reflecting the discourse of our time.

The book is available from the Peter Cowan Writer’s Centre at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup.



  1. What a lovely surprise – to find that our little book has already gone out into the wider world and people are talking about it. Thank you Ingrid. I’m one of the writers and sincerely appreciate your kind words.

  2. This sounds really interesting and how great that it transpired from a writing course. We know how much effort it is to get something like this off the ground, so well done to them. Can’t wait to see it at the next meeting. Love your post Ingrid 🙂

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