C’est Le Vie South West


You will notice a French flavour creeping in to my blog now as I begin to learn French prior to spending time in Paris … but more about that later…

The last three months have slipped away … evaporated, it seems right before our very eyes and now it’s June already. Can you believe that?

During that time I have spent a good bit of time in the south west checking out wineries, restaurants, many of them ideal venues for weddings and special occasions and, well, absolutely any occasion for that matter.

the famous Caramel Souffle

In February I had a couple of days in Dunsborough with my cousin, who is a wedding celebrant. While we were there we had dinner at the restaurant at heritage listed Newton House, which unfortunately, after 23 years, the restaurant has just closed last week. However the lovely Newton House and property will remain. Look out for the name Stephen Regan who has been the chef at Newton House for all that time. People have travelled miles to eat at Newton House and one of the all time winners is the double caramel soufflé (pictured).


relaxing in Dunsborough
relaxing in Dunsborough


walking the dog


The other side of the moon

I haven’t been space travelling but visiting Quay West resort at Bunker Bay. It’s an amazing resort and the Other side of the Moon restaurant overlooking Bunker Bay is a delight. I highly recommend the buffet breakfast- a very diverse range of choices, including champagne.  There is so much choice it’s a great place to have a grazing breakfast.



 Watch next week I will continue with some restaurant reviews from down in the Margaret River region and with some top drops as well …

watch this space …




  1. I can’t believe where the last 3 months have gone either Ingrid. I am glad you managed to fit in some wineries, restaurants and touring around the South West. What a beautiful corner we live in!

  2. How clever are you Ingrid. How is Jeff?

    I can well imagine the time has flown once he fell off his bike!!

    I have just picked up your “Entertainment Book” – I was planning to send you an email.

    I have a funeral at 9.30am in the morning. A patient I knew when I was working at SouthCare.

    Keep well.

    Love Glenda &


    Glenda Ferguson

    Fairlady Ceremonies – Applecross


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