Photography at Lyndendale


Jill Harrison, photographer and freelance writer, is running a series of photography workshops at Lyndendale Gallery and I was lucky enough to attend one last weekend. I came away much better informed and now I can start putting the theory into practice.

Jill explained that the word photography comes from two ancient Greek words photo for light and graph meaning drawing – “Drawing with light”.

Some of the topics covered were:

  • focussing
  • picture composition
  • negative space
  • horizons
  • foreground
  • background
  • leading lines
  • repetition and patterns
  • framing and so much more.

Luckily Jill is running a follow on workshop next Sunday where we can learn the practical applications.

Looking for frames 1Teacher Jill

Yellow rose at Lyndendale
Yellow rose at Lyndendale

Watch next week for the next instalment and maybe some great photographs …

Au revoir and a bientot




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