More Photography at Lyndendale

The practical component of Jill Harrison’s photography workshop was the  Sunday before last and students were able to wander around the lovely Lyndendale Estate and put theory into practice.

Here are a few of the results and some of what I learned:

Jill hard at work - teaching photography

Jill hard at work – teaching photography at Lyndendale

Rule of Odds

objects photographed in odd numbers is more pleasing to the eye than even numbers e.g. 3 flowers rather than 4

3 flowers IMG_0042


Seeing an image through something that frames it adds a 3 dimensional quality to the image – helps to tell a story and create depth.

Looking for frames

 Horizons and Reflections

Horizons should be straight and  preferrably in the rule of thirds, not  in the middle  as this can split the image in half.  However, with reflections this can work – giving a mirror image.


off centre image xmirror image x
reflection x
Different perspectives

Shooting upwards or downwards, shooting from different angles can add interest to pictures … the message from Jill was to experiment and have fun.

upward Agapanthus xIMG_0032

Leaving already Jill … but wait  … there’s more …

Jill leaving already

It’s OK … here we are just practicing panning – moving the camera along a parallel line with the moving subject, causing the background to blur and the subject to remain in focus – need more practice!

Foreground and back ground and aperture priority 

IMG_0082 foreground interest xNew Zealand pics Jan 2011 663

This is another example of using aperture priority where the foreground such as a fence can be blurred to focus on the background, in this case the lion.

I will point out here, that while all the photographs in this post were taken at Lyndendale Gallery, this one of the lion was not. I’m sure the Gillies’ will be relieved to hear that clarification. 


Another gorgeous  Cat

 cat 2x

Resident feline at Lyndendale – he’s onto it – diligent as ever.

Leading lines

Leading lines draw our eye into and through a photo – looking to where the lines are leading

 leading lines xCrooked Brook Rd x



I was much more than 50 meters away from this parrot so not too bad considering …

Parrot cr x

Patterns xPhotographer Jill Harrison and Gallery owner and artist Denise Gilles

Photographer Jill Harrison and Gallery owner and artist Denise Gilles

Photography is a very relaxing pastime and keeps you in the moment and appreciative of all that is around you.

More workshops by Jill will be coming up in the near future,  including food photography and travel at Lyndendale.

Watch this space for more creative,  inspirational and innovative ideas and adventures  …




  1. Thanks for the post about my workshop at Lyndendale Ingrid. I hope you are putting some of what your learnt into practice. The key is have fun, experiment, and keep your eyes and mind open to “see” the shot.

  2. What a fabulous workshop it must have been, and thanks for some really useful tips 🙂 Loved your photos Ingrid and the explanations behind them too. Sorry that I missed it 😦

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