Crime Master Class with Felicity Young

Felicity Young, author of several successful crime novels and recent resident writer at Matty Furphy House (Fellowship of Australian Writers) ran a workshop for budding crime writers on the 28th June.

Crime writer: Felicity Young
Crime writer:
Felicity Young

A few crime writing tips fromFelicity.

  • Draw a plot arc to show major events in your story
  • Draw a character arc for each main character, showing crisis,change of heart etc
  • Summarise scenes or chapters on palm cards and lay them out, experimenting with the order of events ( or use Scrivener). You can colour code the cards indicating character’s POV.
  • Solving sodoku puzzles in between writing May help with plotting
  • Research for accuracy
  • Keep a disciplined writing routine
  • Make sure your writing environment is comfortable so you can look forward to settling down to work
  • You don’t have to write what you know provided you can interview someone who does.
  • Carry a notebook . Listen and watch people around you . Stories are everywhere.
  • Keep enough space in your head to dream
  • study the craft of writing – grammar, spelling & formatting are important
  • Read as much as you can and stay up to date with the crime genre

Quote from Stephen King:  If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the tools or time  to write.




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