Incredible art without stepping foot inside a gallery




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The bravest of the brave from South Side Quills writing group confronted Bunbury’s wild winter weather this morning to walk the street art exhibition in Bunbury’s CBD. After a heartstarting caffiene hit from Henry’s, we met  Jordon Gianfransesco of the Dark Room Concept fame in Victoria Street who introduced us to the Street Art Exhibiton.

Earlier this year the Rediscover Bunbury video Six Two Three Zero, created by Chad Peacock from Peacock Visuals, was launched. The striking video is a Bunbury initiative, seeking to use street art as a catalyst for urban development and social change, by bringing communities together in conversation and creative inspiration.

So far there are six street murals in Bunbury by as many artists. Once permission from the propieters of the building walls was granted these talented artists got to work to show case these works of art, brightening up the streets of Bunbury. The project is sponsored by many community minded businesses, including Souths, Veens Drafting Service, Wardrobe, McDonalds, Bunbury Mail, Dark Room Concept to name but a few.

  As you walk through Bunbury  … See if you can spot these works of art.

Artist Kyle Hughes Odgers
Artist Kyle Hughes Odgers
Artist Tim Howe
Artist Tim Howe


artist Andrew Frazer
artist Andrew Frazer
Artist Jodee Kowles
Artist Jodee Kowles
Carol and Mike take shelter near Artist Stormie Mills' masterpiece.
Carol and Mike take shelter near Artist Stormie Mills’ masterpiece.
Picture by Sormie Mills
Picture by Stormie Mills



You can see these talented artists at work by visiting

and the Six Two Three Zero website.



  1. Isn’t this a fantastic project. The murals are fantastic and really do so much for the CBD. The Art Partners have done a little touring of their own, and have been most inspired. Thanks for documenting the murals for us!

  2. Thanks for another inspiring post, Ingrid. I agree with Jo’s comment (above). I’d LOVE to join you next time, for a walk in the sunshine, hopefully! Mind you, I’ve always enjoyed walking in the cold and rain. A sensory treat. The street art is fabulous, and I look forward to seeing the next instalment.

  3. What a great outing it was and fantastic that Mike could meet us at the end. The walk, and especially the talk with Jordan, reminded me of why I love Bunbury and the Southwest. The place is full of go-forward people, that take initiative to make this place an even better place to live, work and play.
    I am looking forward to their next instalment which will happen in January 2015. We should plan another outing to take place whilst they are doing the artworks so we can see the process.
    Thanks for being braving the elements with me. I thought we were very lucky with the weather considering the wind and rain we had the night before!

  4. I haven’t seen all the pieces of art, but I love it when I’m driving around and suddenly see one of the murals by chance. Well done for braving the elements and getting photos on what was a pretty stormy kind of day – you three deserved a touch of something stronger in your coffees that morning! I’m looking forward to doing the walk one day in sunshine – puleese come again 🙂 Thanks for a lovely post about art in our lovely town (which deserves promoting.)

  5. It certainly is fantastic street art Ingrid. My hubbie & I checked it out when it was first painted. My favourite is the first one on the wall of Shoe-b-do. I hope they are planning more street art of this caliber. I hope you are having fun with your new camera.

  6. Tks Ingrid for the opportunity to meet last Monday.
    Enjoy your six weeks away and hope you get in lots of writing.
    Mike F

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