Ranked one of the most liveable cities in Central Europe, Budapest (pronounced by locals as Budapescht) has two seperate areas  – Buda and Pescht. Buda is the older, more traditional part, while Pescht is more modern and commercial. Budapest is the capital and largest  city in Hungary with a population of around 2 million people.  Like many other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, It was under communist reign until 1989, after which it became a republic.

Over looking Budapest
Over looking Budapest
Budapest by night
Budapest by night
About to set sail!
About to set sail!

I along with many people loved Budapest ….I will add more pictures later





  1. You do look gorgeous and vibrant! Is that perhaps W Lane jacket? Looks lovely on you 🙂 Hope you are having an awesome trip. We loved Budapest and were there for far too short a time. Can’t wait to see more pics of the cruise and hear more news too. Enjoy!!

    • Thank you Jo … Yes it is a W Lane jacket … Are’ you clever!
      Yes will try and get more posting done … Internet was rather slow on the boat, so I’m a bit behind … But watch this space!

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