Well you really take your life in your hands when crossing the road in Amsterdam. And I thought Rome was bad! At least traffic will stop in Rome allowing you to cross. In Amsterdam it ‘s rather tricky crossing the road – and BIKES RULE! Even the buses are wary of the bikes.

So you want to cross the road – you must negotiate the cars , the buses, the trams and just when you have done that  … Then there are the bikes coming at you in all directions (including motor cycles mind you). So good luck!











    • Hi Lorraine
      Well you may ask – yes I did a story on Paris which will be published in Menu magazine this month (will save u a copy).
      And according to my blog my last entry was from Champagne and therefore one may assume that was the last sighting and / or contact with Ingrid. However I did survive Champagne nicely thank you very much, and live to blog another day!

  1. I remember the bikes! Great observation. We were told about the necessity to watch out for them as the coach approached Amsterdam before we were allowed to even set foot on the ground! Great philosophy though I think – and obviously works – there are so many cyclists! Hope you enjoyed AMsterdam.

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