Fruschoppen in Regensburg, Bavaria


No I’m not swearing  … Fruhschoppen is a German and Austrian custom where people meet up, traditionally mid morning on a Sunday and drink bier (or another alcoholic drink) and partake in a brunch consisting of German sausages – weisswurst, bratwurst, sweet mustard pretzels and Weiss bier (an unfiltered wheat beer). During Fruhschoppen, people discuss everyday life and politics and there is live music playing .  I have to say German beer is the best!

People are joining in the festivities of the tradition and at 10.30 in the morning I say to the steward ‘You would think no- one will want lunch after this ‘ and he said ‘That’s what you think but many of these people have just had breakfast’!

With Boris - Catering Manager Extrodinaire

We enjoy a walk around the old city of Regensburg situated on the Danube River, with a population of  150,000, of which a large percentage is made up of university students. It is also home to a BMW factory.image


Unlike most German cities, Regensburg was spared the destruction of WW11. It’s a charming city with it’s cobbled streets,  a variety of squares and small alleys. It was also home to Oskar Schindler and Pope Benedict XV1.



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