Inspiring Artists -Tree Street Art Trail

local artist x local artist's work x


A sample of paintings along the Art Safari

A GROUP of dynamic artists invited the local community on an Art Safari to explore local creations. The event, held on Saturday the 28th March, between 3 and 6pm in Bunbury saw residents embarking on a self-guided walking tour through local artists’ private studios in the Tree Street area. All kinds of art was on display, including garden design, paintings and sculpture.

Artist Kerry Gelmi was inspired to start the safari after she went on a trip to New Zealand and experienced a similar walking tour.

“It is a great way to know your neighbour and your community,” she said.

Artists hope that their work will inspire the community to be involved and create their own artwork.


Stained glass windows St Bonifice xStained Glass windows at St Bonifice Cathedral

Stained Glass windows at St Bonifice Cathedral


While residents could start the trail at any point, it officially started at the two cathedrals in Bunbury – St Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral and St Boniface Anglican Cathedral, with guided tours of their windows and artworks.

St Patrick’s Cathedral is a relatively new building with a modern structure including Robert Juniper windows. While some folk prefer the traditional stained glass window effect, the St Patrick’s art work is also stunning.

View from St Pats xView from St Patrick’s CathedralView from St Patrick's CathedralSt Pat's windows x

Tickets at $25 included a Mexican Cantina meal on completion of the trail with a long table supper from 6pm to 8pm at Walker Hall. The meal provided by Sue Footner of the Passionate Providore, was a hit, while music was provided by the Codee-Lee Duo and Blair Wittle and Fifth Estate Wines were available for free tastings and purchase.

A resounding approval from all concerned will hopefully see it become an annual event in the city of Bunbury.

St Bonifice Anglican Cathedral
St Bonifice Anglican Cathedral


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