Australian author Liz Byrski

Ingrid & Liz Byrski x Here I am again – too busy as usual to be up to date with my blog, so I’ll just keep calm and carry on …

At the end of July, members from our South Side Quills writer’s group in Bunbury, met Liz Byrski at Barefoot Books,  the delightful bookshop in Fig Tree Lane in Busselton where everyone in “book heaven”  enjoyed a soiree of gourmet delights and a glass of wine or two.

Byrski, best selling author of numerous works including eight novels, has recently released her latest masterpiece in Love and War. Part memoir and part social history the latest work, as with all of Byrski’s books is a great read.

Quills members meet author Liz Byrski
Quills members meet author Liz Byrski



Catherine Curnow with Liz Byrski
Catherine Curnow with Liz Byrski

Liz spoke about her work and what inspired her to write her latest book.

To write the book, Byrski returned to her home town of East Grinstead in Sussex to research nursing heroes and badly burnt airmen who were treated by ground breaking plastic surgeon Sir Archibald McIndoe who revolutionised the treatment of severe disfigurement caused by burns.

Central to McIndoe’s rehabilitation method was the involvement of the whole village of East Grinstead in accepting and supporting the airmen as they recovered.. The men called themselves McIndoe’s ‘Guinea Pigs’ in what became the world’s first therapeutic village.

He also hired nurses who were not only capable, but also beautiful and prepared to flirt (and more) with the patients.

As a child Liz was terrified of the airmen she called ‘the men with the terrible faces’. She went back to the village to understand their stories and those of the women who nursed them in such unconventional circumstances.

I love Byrski’s books – they are so well written and easy to read







  1. You are one social butterfly Ingrid! Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t found all this when I looked at your blogs for some reason. Great to share the day with you girls, and a special thanks to the cupboard-deprived Justin for such a wonderful lunch.

    • Thanks for visiting the blog Lorraine and commenting …
      I have recently started updating the blog, so I think it may be easier to find your way around it now.
      Yes good day yesterday

  2. I remember seeing a documentary about these guys and this hospital years ago.
    It would have been great to meet Liz. I am sorry I missed it.
    Ingrid, your new blog layout looks great. I suggest you add an image across the top. I certainly know what it is like to be far too busy. It is normal for me these days.

    • Thank you Catherine – Liz has another book in the pipeline, she and some others have written collectively, titled Purple Prose. So look out for that one later this year.
      We had fun at our writers group this morning, having a go at writing in purple prose. it’s a good example of how NOT to write!
      I’ll post my piece of purple prose here on the blog and Jill is posting hers on her blog –

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