A mother’s song

I had written this article about Michael Finaghty’s novel in 2012, which was published in the Fellowship of West Australian Writers (FAWWA). However as I was new to blogging then I neglected post it on my blog. While it was Mike’s first novel, and a credit to him, he has since re-edited it and had further print runs and sales have been steady.

I had mentioned it on my blog but only briefly saying it was a good read and that was all. Since I am updating my blog, I realise it was a significant event for South side Quills writers group

Here are a few pictures of Mike with fellow writers of the South Side Quills writer’s group, followed by my article.

Mike F Book x extns 004 xMichael Finaghty x

Wars spark idea for novel

Local author Michael Finaghty signed copies of his first novel on Monday this week as he celebrated with fellow writers from the Southside Quills Writers Group.

A mother’s song is the culmination of four years work for the first time author. Mr Finaghty describes it as a relief to be finally finished the book, saying he began to write it while living in Limerick in 2007. “It’s taken me four long years, but it’s done and dusted.” He said.

A mother’s song is the love lost-refound narrative of peace activist, Ruby Penfold.  Moving from an isolated Australian island, her life journey culminates in present-day London, campaigning for peace in Afghanistan. The book traces Ruby’s search for identity and making her mark. With a refreshing musical spine, it is set against a contemporary background, challenging a few stereotypes along the way.

Readers will notice an eclectic array of music popping up throughout the book.  The author said he likes the idea of music tracks embedded in the text for e-readers when music appropriate technology catches up.
Mr Finaghty, with a background in health and adult education, said the motivation for writing the book was the sickening similarity between Afghanistan now and Vietnam over forty years ago.  The casualties in Afghanistan had reached

When asked what advice he would give other writers ploughing through their first novel he says “Follow your gut feelings for themes and listen to reviewers and manuscript assessors.”

He also advises writers to take regular breaks when writing and said editing was easier to do ‘after a couple of stubbies.’

A member of Southside Quills Writers Group since it’s inception in 2009, Mr Finaghty  emphasizes the benefits of being in the group. “The Quills group  provides a safe place for me to share ideas, seek critique and learn so much about the elements of writing .” he said. “and I would encourage  men aspiring to be writers to join a writers group as well .”  he added.

The release of A mother’s song was timely, just in time for mother’s day and can  also be purchased as an e-book.         http://www.vividpublishing.com.au/amotherssong/

South Side Quills writers group
South Side Quills writers group




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