South Side Quills writers group celebrate

Southside Quills writers enjoyed an end of year Christmas lunch at The Waters Edge restaurant. A lovely venue as you can see below …Quills group x

Quills members were pleased to unwind over lunch after a busy year as they near the completion and publishing of their collaborative Anthology The Runaway Quill – Tales from the South Side Quills.    

Jill & Phyllis

Jill and Phyllis

Jo and Ingrid     Bubbles?

But of course ...

But of course …

Carmel, Catherine & CarolCarmel, Catherine and Carol

Phyllis and Mike

Phyllis & Mike

Carol & Jim
Carol & Jim
Take 2
Take 2

Quills will enjoy the Christmas break and resume meetings on the 25 January  2016.

Posts coming up next in the next couple of days:

My love of art


Moi and mon French colleagues from  Learn French avec moi (French language school) at


 Watch this space …



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