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Welcome to my very first blog for 2016. After a bit of a re assessment of my blog, looking at blogging101 and consulting Blogging Guru,  Amanda Kendle, my aim is to get this blog more focussed and streamlined and hopefully easy to follow.

Amanda Kendle, with an ongoing series of  workshops and a blogging consultancy business, has been blogging for over a decade (one of the pioneers in the field). After consulting with the guru, I picked up some helpful tips.

To clarify, this blog is essentially about writing and art with some travel posts thrown in. It’s about writing, that is anything to do with writing as in authors, books, publishing, book clubs, book reviews and even films.

Quills members: Carmel, Catherine & Carol
Quills members: Carmel, Catherine & Carol

It’s also the link to our local writers group, South Side Quills, in the south west of WA. South Side Quills has been going strong for six years now. 2016 is the seventh year – wow!

South Side Quills Writers Group
South Side Quills Writers Group

During  that time we have enjoyed several successes, including two published novels A mother’s song   by Mike Finaghty and Doing Good by James McRobert.


A mother's song
A mother’s song

More recent Quills member and prolific writer, Carol McDowell was a winner last year with her short story ‘Bringing Home the Ashes’ in this year’s published collection of shorts – Lost Boy & Other Stories.  published by  Margaret River Press.


Another major milestone for Quills will be the publication of an anthology of works to be published later this year. More details about that in future posts.

I look forward to a year full of creativity and may you do what you love and lots of it.


  1. Wishing you lots of creativity and moving ahead with your blog in 2016. It’s great that you have identified a focus for your blog. Mine is a bit of everything! Thanks for the plug for Quills and our wonderful published writers. I am looking forward to our anthology being published.

  2. Good luck with all you desire for your blog in 2016. Mine is such an eclectic hodge-podge but I have decided to leave it that way, at least for the moment. A little bit envious that I am not able to be part of the Quills group, and looking forward to hearing more of their successes in the future.

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