gallery 2016 Dardanup Art Spectacular

Autumn trees

Dardanup Art Spectacular is an annual event, not to be missed. It’s an exhibition of work by local and outside artists displayed in galleries, wineries and breweries throughout the Ferguson valley. What a great way to spend a weekend.

It always promises to be a great day or weekend out and this year was no exception. It was extended this year to be held over two weekends to give visitors more time to fit everything in.

Now I only touched the surface visiting on one day and this is a brief overview. I think next year I’ll do a more involved visit.  Headed off on the second Saturday at about 9am with the Dardanup Hall, our first stop. This is where the Art Spectacular was officially launched on 30 April, with prizes awarded to artists for the best works.  I had been looking forward to seeing this exhibition but unfortunately for us, the exhibition had only been on for one week and so we missed it.

images[1] (3)Since the Art Trail was promoted as running for two weekends you would think that would include the second week and weekend. But sadly no …

Bonking Frog Winery

Next stop – Bonking Frog winery, to sample some produce and see the amazing garden sculptures. I had been looking forward to that as well, however we were too early as it didn’t open until 11.30am. Doing well so far … okay we will call in on the way back.

Jane Holland art studio at Melfi Park

On to Melfi Park to see a display of artworks by artists Jane Holland and Christine Blowfield. We were greeted by the lovely Lara who cheerfully met us and guided us to the gallery and just as enthusiastically saw us off when it was time to go. Entertaining us,by rounding up Guinea Fowl (like sheepdog trials only guinea fowls instead of sheep).Melfi Park.jpg







guinea fowl trials

Lyndendale Gallery

Lyndendale Gallery, the home of artistic masterpieces and eclectic hands on workshops, beckoned with its diverse array of works from about fifty artists and artisans, including water colours, etchings, wood products, jewellery, textiles, pottery, glass and garden sculpture to name a few. Being a cool day, visitors were warmed up with home made soups, scones and a variety of refreshments, while being entertained with live music. Volunteers from Solaris Care SW and Variety WA provided the refreshments with funds going to the said charities.

 Graeme Pages-Oliver
Graeme Pages-Oliver


 While at Lyndendale, I met up with well know artist Graeme Pages – Oliver, who showed us the new winning label on the Little Creatures bottles of Pale Ale. Graeme was the winning artist who designed the label for Little Creatures earlier this year.

Lyndendale 2

Ingrid, Janne & Lorraine

The Moody Cow and Peppermint Lane Lodge

Called in to the Moody Cow Brewery for a light lunch, coffee … oh and maybe a little wine. No time to dilly dally too long, so off to Peppermint Lane Lodge, Bed & Breakfast and home to Kim and Simon Wesley, a magical spot featuring a sculpture trail along the banks of the Ferguson River.

IMG_6284 IMG_6277 IMG_6311

Natures's art piece
Natures’s art piece


Angelicus Winery

I did want to see a new art piece by Simon Hemsley featured at Angelicus Winery so while it was a bit of a drive, heading towards Burekup, it was worth it – another glorious place in the valley with spectacular views. By now it’s afternoon tea time and Sue and John Ward had some delicious cakes (nice and light with invisible calories) and great coffee and of course some lovely wine tasting.

Sue with a delicious sample of Angelicus wine
Sue with a delicious sample of Angelicus wine

Alas it’s now 5pm and Bonking Frog is closed, so will have to save that for another day. This day evaporated in the loveliest way with good friends, good food and good wine … life is good .  


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