Beautiful Bags, beautiful places

I have re posted this blog Beautiful bags, beautiful places because I need to make a correction, as in the previous post, I had said Christin makes the bags. While Christin says she would love to have the skill to do the sewing of leather, she is the designer and coordinator of the bags.  She has a team of creative Artisians who lovingly hand make the bags,  which is, in itself, a specialised skill.

The lining designs are mostly hand drawn and all materials hand selected and treated with tender loving care. Every bag is a reflection of Christin’s love of travel, adventure and luxury – a work of heart and a sensory experience.

You probably know how hard it is to find exactly the right bag to suit your needs and those needs do vary depending on what you are doing and where you are going. I thought it was just me who had that dilemma of which is the perfect bag. But no … after attending an event on Tuesday, show casing the gorgeous Travel & Living Collection of handmade top quality leather bags lovingly made by Christin Svard, I realised I was not alone.

After a lengthy career in the airline industry Christin, originally from Noway, is no stranger to luggage requirements. After her career in the airline industry, Christin set about creating a range of handmade leather bags, and other accessories including a jewellery range.

It’s probably no coincidence that Travel & Living Collection abbreviated is TLC because these bags are carefully crafted with the finest unique hand sourced beautiful soft leather. Even the lining designs are hand drawn and the bags are individually named with names like journey, globetrotter, resort, excess to name a few but there is a very extensive range


I noticed friends of mine had the best travel bag and then I realised they were from Christin’s Travel & Living Collection.

This is where style and beauty meets practical with the bags demonstrating strength and resilience they are ideal for hand luggage, especially on airlines because they can hold a lot of stuff.

My French Door owner Jo Macintosh of My French Door Fame had a display of French antiques sourced from French markets.

You can experience French life in the medieval town of Chauvigny and shop at the local markets and galleries yourself. Jo will take you to brocantes, galleries, chateaus and castles and you can enjoy the good life, including French wines and fromage and brush up on your French while you are there. I speak from experience after spending a week with Jo in Chauvigny in October and loving every minute.

 So there you go – a trip and luggage sorted – C’est la bonne vie

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