Creative writing in the South West

Words in the Valley in Bridgetown

 Last weekend was a literary feast at the Bridgetown library with the seventh annual Words in the Valley Readers and Writers Festival.  The festival featuring author talks, writing and publishing workshops, was in conjunction with the Blackwood Poetry Award, concluding on Sunday at the Bridgetown Cidery.

The town was abuzz with the winter craft fair, garden workshops and the Bridgetown river markets. Local wine and black truffle tasting boards were popular and we were lucky enough to be the winner of the Gourmet hamper raffle with an assortment of local wines, beers, ciders and produce.bridgetwon Cidery

Sarah Evans, author, creative writing tutor and coordinator of Words in the Valley said the weekend was a great success.

‘Numbers were robust,’ she said, ‘with participants from Perth, Mandurah, Denmark, Bunbury and Donnybrook as well as the towns in the Blackwood Valley.’

‘The atmosphere was convivial and supportive with plenty of networking opportunities. And our visiting presenters were more than generous in sharing their literary expertise and publishing experience. All in all, a great weekend,’ she added.

Evans is published in several genres from lifestyle/memoir/recipe book Seasons and Seasonings in a Teapot to romance novels, crime ghost and comedy short stories as well as poetry. Her workshop on the weekend, Recipe for fiction: baking a story was a clever parallel to her love of cooking, while enlightening participants to the essential ingredients to writing a story.




Rosanne Dingli, author and Yellow Teapot Books publisher gave an insightful and entertaining presentation Publishing Today. Rosanne is clearly passionate about writing and making books and gave everyone practical tips to take away with them.

Novelist and workshop presenter, Rashida Murphy and Children’s author and book binder, Elaine Coventry were among the presenters at Words in the Valley.

Next blog: Haiku in Bunbury … watch this space



  1. I remember our first time at the festival … when it was a real wintery “Fridgetown” night – huddled in front of that roaring log fire at the convent drinking red wine!

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful event. Very glad that it was well attended, and as ever a big well done to Sarah. So sad we weren’t around for it, but next year here’s hoping 🙂

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