Mid Winter Bake-off Murder Mystery Dinner

Many will remember the Columbo TV detective series in the 70s. He was often called in to investigate high profile murders involving the rich and famous. Looking somewhat disheveled in his trademark trench coat, and chomping on a cigar, suspects usually thought they would get away with their crime. Then after he walked away, he would turn around and say  “Oh just one more thing …” or ” “Just one other question …”

In Capel last Saturday night, guests were entertained over dinner with a murder investigation. There were a number of suspects all with a motive, making it tricky to work out. But with Columbo on the job (Peter Davis) and his offsider DI Jones (Jackie Cavill) and supporting cast all was revealed. A clever script written by Monica Neville, kept everyone guessing while being entertained.

Peter Falk as Columbo

Above: Peter Falk, the real Columbo


“Oh just one more thing … ”

Another event in Capel to watch out for is Retro Blast on October 21st – a blast from the past. See details at:  www.capelshout.com.au








  1. This looked like a lot of fun! I bet you had some laughs! Hope the dinner was good too or did that pale into insignificance with the other shenanigans going on?

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