Glitz and Glamour in Bunbury

Shane Jacobson & moi
Shane Jacobson & moi


Red carpet party
The Red Carpet party

The red carpet party and premiere film on Friday night started at the BREC foyer, with guests arriving in style and walking the red carpet. With a vintage theme (I didn’t have to do much there as I am already vintage) there was a stunning array of glamorous outfits with live entertainment, a selection of Forester wines and canapés adding to the ambience of the night.

It was a memorable night, amid the glamour and mingling with the stars in Bunbury’s growing art scene. As guests soaked up the atmosphere, the movie stars arrived, including Shane Jacobson and David Wenham.

Shane Jacobson
Shane Jacobson
Shane's selfie
Shane’s selfie



Moi on the red carpet
Moi on the red carpet


Movie Premiere – Oddball & Shane Jacobson

After the pre-screening party, guests were guided to the adjacent Grand Cinemas where the film premiere Oddball starring Shane Jacobson was screened.  Oddball is an all ages, heart warming comedy. Set in a small town in southern Australia, persistent fox attacks threaten to close down the main tourist attraction of an island of Fairy Penguins. An eccentric chicken farmer (Jacobson) teams up with his granddaughter to save the penguins using a very odd method … his rambunctious, trouble making sheep dog.

scene from Oddball

Jacobson said he grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne, a working class area and comes from a family of naturally funny people.

“My Dad and Dad’s brothers were always making people laugh. They didn’t try to be funny. They were just naturally funny. Dad never considered himself a comedian, but he’d often stand up at a gathering and just make people laugh without even trying.” He said.

When asked about the dog playing the part in the movie Jacobson said “Well he’d always been in the role of a dog all his life, so he got the dog bit down pat.”

It seems the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

 The bélier family & French Films 

The CinefestOZ film festival in Bunbury has become a popular event in the city, showcasing an array of films and free events, as well as the gala premiere.  Cinefest Oz started off on Wednesday with, The bélier family, the first of many French films. French students of the popular Bunbury French school  Learn French Avec Moi, enjoyed wines from Forester Estate and cheese platters with friends before the screening. The The bélier family is a warm hearted comedy drama with a musical twist.

 A scene from The bélier family
A scene from The bélier family

Embraced by over 7 million cinemagoers in France, this is a great new comedy is about family ties, the joy of music and breaking free. In The Belier family, everyone is deaf except 16 year-old Paula (beautiful newcomer Louane Emera) who is an indispensable interpreter for her parents and younger brother. So when her music teacher discovers her amazing singing talent, his encouragement only exacerbates the matter of her independence.

A quirky film night 

For something different William Barrett & Sons (Funeral Directors) kicked off CinefestOz with an evening of  black comedy short films last Wednesday. The ABC’s Meghan Woods and FTI (WA)’s Paul Bodlovich were MCs for  this quirky opening night which combined film, food and filmmaker insights.

Free community screenings have been showing throughout the week  Thurs 27th Aug – Sun 30th August at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. Bunbury


  1. Looking very glam Ms Ingrid. Shane Jacobson – big fan. I tend to love everything he does.
    The ABC has a program which has just finished where the comedian Julia (cannot remember her last name) interviews celebrities and takes them back to their home and school. Shane was one of the lucky ones and what he has said is true as his background emerged in this program. Good regular Australian guy.

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