French wind up at Mojos

 Joyeux Noel   … Merry Christmas


What better, more appropriate place to have a French celebratory wind up Christmas lunch than Mojos with an authentic French waiter. Greeted by friendly staff including Noel Brunning, we were seated in the function room where there were sixteen of novice French students.

Noel Brunning

Martine our French teacher had swapped the English menus for a French version so we had to work it out. Help! Le menu dejeuner de Chez Mojo.

IMG_6117and then

Fortunately, our French waiter Samuel, who has lived in Bunbury and worked at Mojos for six years, speaks fluent English and helped us out with our French, which is at varying levels. Poor fellow must have been tearing his hair out by the time we left.

We all started off with parfait de foie de canard (duck pate) – very French.

While I had grilled prawn skewers and beetroot and feta salad accompanied by Capel Vale cold white wine, the seafood pie and caeser salads were also popular choices.

I can happily recommend Mojos – food, wine and service were top notch and we got to practice our French …

Thanks to all at Mojos for a great day and …

 Joyeux Noel







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  1. Nice photos and article Ingrid; there were a few mistakes in my menu translation than Sam kindly helped me to correct, particularly with the vocabulary used in the trade.
    The new version is available if anyone plans to go to Mojo’s and place their order in French..
    Joyeux Noël et bonne année !

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